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Legality of Cannabis

As cannabis laws change rapidly across the United States, it is oftentimes difficult to stay up -to-date. Canna Business Financing keeps up with the ever-changing legislation and funding options in your state.


We Make Cannabis Funding Simple


Submit Application

Provide the Canna Business Financing team on important information around the funding you are looking to acquire through our website.


Get Pre-Approved

We make the pre-approval process as simple as possible. Each applicant can qualify for up to $250,000 and receive a pre-qualification within 48 hours.


Receive Funding

The Canna Business Financing team has had a success rate of over 80%. Receive the funding your cannabis business needs to grow and thrive.

Get Pre-Approved

Our pre-qualification process ensures that our clients have the highest quality credit scores and credit profile before we submit any applications. On average, banks typically approve fewer than 10% of the applications they receive from small business owners. In comparison, the Canna Business Financing team has had a success rate of over 80%.