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Cannabis Industry Banking

As a Cannabis Business owner, concern over banking is a given. Due to the federal status of our industry, we often face discrimination from banks—which can be frustrating. However, there are solutions for your business. By working with the Canna Business team, you can gain the industry banking assistance you've been searching for. If you've been fearful of an account shutdown due to the nature of your business, we can help you open the right banking account for your needs. 

Why You Need a Bank Account for Your Business

industry bankingBefore you can move forward with financing for your cannabis business, acquiring a secure and transparent banking solution for a safer, more efficient way to manage your business transactions is foundational. There are many benefits such as: 

  • Checking and interest-bearing savings accounts
  • Cash pick up and deposit by armored courier
  • Bill pay for vendors, employees, taxes, and utilities
  • 24/7 account access with an online app
  • Dedicated account manager
  • FDIC insured up to $250,000 per account

How We Can Help

You don't have to worry about your account being shut down just because you own and operate a cannabis industry business. Our team can help you acquire an account so you can manage transactions, secure cash, make and receive electronic payments, and have peace of mind. 

Through US-based bank partners, this industry banking solution provides cannabis-related businesses access to a secure means for a safer, more efficient way to manage business transactions. The robust risk and compliance system meets the strict regulatory requirements of working with cannabis-related businesses. 



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Find A Lender For Your Cannabis-Based Real Estate 

Securing a lender for your cannabis business is important. Unfortunately, not all potential lenders are knowledgeable and well-informed about our industry. At times, this can pose as a frustrating problem for a new cannabis-based business owner. If you're looking for a lender who understands the unique challenges cannabis businesses face, we can help you find them. We have investors who are eager to loan in the cannabis and hemp arenas. Our team at Canna Business Financing can connect you with financing for retail and industrial properties, grow facilities, and greenhouses. 

Work With Canna Business Financing

With deep industry relationships and a network of enthusiastic cannabis and hemp lenders, we will confidently guide you through the application and underwriting process. Our lending partners are experienced and well-capitalized professionals that require moderate leverage as well as a visible repayment strategy. These partners offer competitive terms and pricing, ensuring that we're setting you up for the most success possible.

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"Lynnda and Alisza were a pleasure to work with. They helped me with funding my business and gave options and ideas that will stick with me many years. I can't say enough about the customer service they provided, the follow ups and interest they had in my business. I will always know who to turn too for any financial advise regarding loans and lines of credit."

-CJ Genson


"I wanted to start my own business but didn't have fantastic credit. Lynnda and the team worked with me and we systematically fixed some credit issues to get me to the point where I could qualify for a loan and line of credit to start my dream! Working with Lynnda has proven to be a positive life changing experience for me!"

-William Darby